Why employ Bachelor of Engineering Technology graduates?


Why does Harrison Grierson employ Bachelor of Engineering Technology (BEngTech) graduates? Managing Director Glen Cornelius explains that there are several advantages for the company.

Why hire BEngTech graduates?

While some employers look to a combination of Bachelor of Engineering (BE) and New Zealand Diploma in Engineering (NZDE) graduates to cover their needs, Harrison Grierson makes a point of hiring a large number of BEngTechs every year. This varies depending on need, with almost 50% of the engineering staff holding the qualification.

Why? “Because they are good at technical design,” says Glen. He explains that the BEngTechs fit in well with the development and infrastructure work the firm is involved in. “We need strong technical people with the capacity to undertake the problem-solving required in our technical designs

Diversity is good for business

Photo: engineer at workThe advantage in hiring engineers with different qualifications, Glen says, is the diversity it brings to the company. “Diversity amongst the workforce is good for business. We don’t want everyone to be the same, which you might have if they all just come from the universities.”

Harrison Grierson employs BEs, BEngTechs, NZDEs and CAD design specialists. “Diversity is an important part of all business, so having a range of different skills in the engineering space is important.”

The difference between BEs and BEngTechs

Harrison Grierson BEngTech and BE graduates often start work in similar roles and are given experience in different areas of the company, from design through to site work. Glen notes that they have equal opportunities to progress and to move into leadership roles. “It’s up to them – it comes down to competence and capability.”

The BEs are more likely, however, to aspire to senior roles and will work towards that right from the start, doing the design work and moving on to work in project manager and management roles. In contrast, the BEngTechs are good at technical design, he says.  “They often like getting involved in problem-solving, the nuts-and-bolts design, working out how to apply the different technologies we use.

A need for people with problem-solving skills

“We need strong technical people with the capacity to undertake the problem-solving required for our technical designs,” Glen says. “BEngTechs are qualified engineers who understand the practicalities of design and how to apply new technology to design – and they’re very good at problem-solving.” 

Our thanks to Glen for his time and advice. If you have any questions, get in touch at

February 2016