Steering Group members

Sir Neville Jordan, Steering Group Chair
Neville is founder and executive chairman of Endeavour Capital. Read more...

Richard Atherton, Associate – Civil Engineering, Beca
Richard has 12 years’ experience in managing, designing and delivering civil engineering and multi-disciplinary projects.

Geoff Douch, GM Asset Management, Counties Power
Geoff is responsible for planning, maintenance and operation of the Counties Power distribution network. Read more...

Lisa Drysdale, Chair, Board of Engineering Diplomas
Lisa is Group Asset Maintenance Lead at Waikato Regional Council.

Matthew Durkin, Director Software Development, Aviat NetworksMathew has a background in software engineering.

Mark Flowers, CE, Wintec
Mark is responsible for $86 million revenue, over 950 staff and 20,000 students.

Andy Goldie, Senior Engineering Manager at Fletcher Construction
Andy has 18 years’ experience in managing the design and construction of international infrastructure engineering projects.

Tony Gray, CE, Ara Institute of Canterbury
Tony has a background in education, and has worked in various education sectors.

Carrie Murdoch, Manager, Education Skills and Trade, Business NZ
Carrie specialises in training, skills, immigration and labour market policies and its implications for business. Read more...

Michael Pervan, General Manager, AIM Altitude
Michael brings his background in engineering to the general manager role.

Professor Janis Swan, School of Engineering, Waikato University
Janis’s research interests include bioprocess engineering, large-scale separations and engineering education. Read more...

Brett Williams, General Manager – Professional Standards, Engineering New Zealand
Brett works in the key areas of graduate support, continuing professional development, qualification accreditation and competence assessment. Read more...

Suzanne Naylor, Northern Networks Manager, Watercare Services
Suzanne is responsible for getting water and wastewater to and from most of Auckland. She features in several Make the World publications. Read more...

Linda Sissons, CE, Primary ITO
Linda has a background in the vocational education sector. Her previous roles include Deputy CE of The Open Polytechnic of New Zealand, and CE of Wellington Institute of Technology.

Johnny Tramoundanas-Can, Investment Manager, Tertiary Education Commission
Johnny is responsible for initiatives relating to institutes of technology and polytechnics. 

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