Graduate Capability Work

Engineering e2e ran a workshop in 2015 that introduced industry leaders to the Graduate Capability Framework developed by Emeritus Professor Geoff Scott from the University of Western Sydney. Participants considered the capabilities valued by their industries and the engineering sector, and recommended they be incorporated into engineering education. 

This led to further New Zealand-based research and a proposal to facilitate collaboration between industry and educators to improve the relevance of engineering education.

Making tertiary studies in engineering more relevant

25 September 2017

We commissioned Otago Polytechnic to research a Professional and Graduate Capability Framework in the New Zealand context. In their report Making tertiary studies in engineering more relevant the researchers made recommendations next steps that the Tertiary Education Commission, engineering educators and employers, and other organisations could take.

Creating work-ready plus graduates

19 May 2017

This 2015 case study looks at how engineering employers trialled the Professional and Graduate Capability Framework and the recommendations they made for further action.

Creating work-ready plus graduates